A Guide To Making Your Ultimate Bachelor Pad


If you are young, free, single, male and moving away from home for the first time, you will probably want to set up a bachelor pad. Get it wrong and you may end up sad and lonely. Get it right, however, and you will be more likely to end up keeping your mates and the ladies happy at the same time. If you are struggling for idea, here is a guide making your ultimate bachelor pad.

The first thing to consider will be the TV. With your TV, size really is important and, in general, the bigger the better. Get yourself set up with surround-sound and all the sports and film packages money can buy. Do so and you can make sure that you provide something for everyone. For example, curry and football night with the lads or a romantic evening in with a chick flick would be perfect.

It goes without saying that you need all the accessories to complement the television, such as a Blu-Ray, DVD player, and games console. Make sure, however, that the latter is tucked away discreetly when you have female company as women are often put off by men who appear to spend half their time playing video games.

In fact, to show your intellectual side in these circumstances, it is always good to have a literary classic on view, as well as a strategically placed piece of artwork. Nothing too ostentatious that might encourage a conversation beyond the comfort zone, just enough to suggest hidden depths.

Needless to say, the sofa is also going to be really important as well. While a big chair is good if you intend to spend most of your time by yourself, if you are planning on a lot of company you’ll need to make sure you can accommodate mates and girlfriends with equal comfort. You need to go as large as possible without completely dominating the whole room.

In terms of decor, the most important thing is to remain stylish, polished, and clean. If possible, avoid carpets. It is certainly easier to repair the damage from a boys’ night in with laminate flooring that can be wiped clean rather than a carpet that needs a day’s soaking and scrubbing to sort out. In terms of accessories, less is certainly more. While you may love the posters of your favorite football team circa 1995, it is unlikely you will be able to purvey the look you are after by having them stuck on the wall of the lounge with sticky tape.

And while your mum might have been very proud when you took second place in the under-twelves tennis competition, keeping the plastic trophy you won on display may come across a little show-offish. Instead, a couple of arty pieces that can be used as conversation items go a long way to stamping a bit of class on proceedings.

Finally, the bedroom should always remain a priority. Again, get the biggest luxury bed that can fit into the room without dominating it, and make sure comfort is prioritized. Of key importance is cleanliness and quality. Invest in good bedding and make sure you get it cleaned regularly. In fact, that is probably true for the entire house or flat in general. If you are not that way inclined, get a cleaner to do it all for you.

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