The Best Of Available Sony Playstation Accessories


The Sony Playstation has been around for many years and is now into its third iteration. The PS3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles ever, not only because of the array of wonderful games on offer with the console, but also because of the many high-tech accessories that you can get along with it. The best of available Sony PlayStation accessories include input accessories such as cables for top quality sound and picture, microphones, wireless controllers, video cameras, and many others.

The PS3 has a range of different controllers that can be used to play games, including wireless options. One of the best wireless controllers on offer is the Sixaxis Dualshock 3. The plastic used within this controller is opaque, which is slightly different from the previous version which had slightly translucent plastic. The controller is also offered in a variety of different colors including ceramic white, satin silver, and piano black.

If you are a fan of racing games, one accessory that you should always plan to purchase is a PS3 racing wheel. One of the best options on the market is produced by Logitech and is known as the Driving Force GT. This racing wheel can be steered 900 degrees with a steering wheel, brakes, and pedals. Included among the features of this accessory is force feedback through the steering wheel.

Another accessory is related to music games, such as Guitar Hero, and is a controller called the Genericaster. This controller is shaped and designed like a guitar to allow the player to engage more fully with the game. Unlike previous versions, this controller has a slightly longer whammy bar, a solo section that is touch sensitive, and a quieter and longer strum bar.

Another excellent accessory is known as the PlayStation Eye. It is essentially an updated version of the previous EyeToy webcam and is not compatible with the PS2. You simply use the accessory by plugging it into the USB port on your console, allowing you to use the webcam as you would any other. The camera can record at a frame rate of 60 to 120 Hz and at a resolution of 640×480.

Another important accessory is the Sony network adapter. This accessory allows players to play with other people online, providing you with the opportunity to expand your gaming base and interact with players from all over the world. Through the network adapter you can compete against others, evolve your skill set, and generally reach higher levels of excitement.

A memory card is absolutely vital to any gamer, and therefore this is one accessory that you should always have within your arsenal. A memory card is vital in allowing you to save your progress in the games that you play. A standard Sony memory card will have 15 blocks where games can be stored and will be much less likely to crash against a third-party card.

All in all, the accessories that you get will certainly depend upon your needs. Choose the best of available Sony Playstation accessories, however, and you will certainly expand and enhance your gaming experience.

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