Drones Gone WILD! : The Wild Fights Back

Does your dog go nuts barking at the lawn mower?  Maybe your cat tries to attack the vacuum when cleaning?  What happens when Drones are released into the wild? Much like your dog thinks the lawnmower is the enemy to be warned out of your backyard like a noisy pest that it is – Sometimes the wild fights back.  Below are a few choice picks of the many battles between Drones and the Wild.

Drone Vs Australian Eagle

Real life Angry Birds

“We don’t take kindly to the likes of you ’round here in our skies”.

Have you heard the Australian outback is rough & tumble?  Yeah, not kidding – checkout this Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle take on a quadcopter.

Nature abhors both vacuums and robots. The skies are already the domain of birds, who staked their claim millennia ago and have since perfected the skills and traits needed to maneuver through the air. Drones are newcomers to the air, and it turns out some birds don’t like these unmanned interlopers too much. Like this Australian wedge-tailed eagle:

First here’s the slow motion as this Eagle comes in hotter than Maverick buzz’n the friggin tower.



Here’s the full video, man see the quadcopter drop like a stone!


If only Aussies fought the English this well in the Ashes this year 🙁

Props to Popular Science for the vids.

Drone Vs Bear

Drone Vs Hawk

Real Life Angry Birds 2.0

Thanks to Nature World News for the wicked footage….

Drone Vs Cheetah

Drone Vs Kangaroo  – Eh??!

Kangaroo’s, they’re cool and all but they’re also pretty damn protective, what this roo punch the crap out of a quadcopter in mid-air!



Don’t be a #DroneDick

Side note: Guys, please be responsible with your drones in the wild, whilst these videos are pretty funny, some of the operators above are just too damn close and annoying the animals in what is actually their habitat.  By all means film them, enjoy your craft, but don’t get too close.

To get off my pedestal and if you feel the drone operators are getting a bad rap in this post – here’s something you’ll really like even though the title of the vid clearly gives the end away…

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