Seriously Cool Man Caves

Man caves, they come in all shapes and sizes and more importantly personalities, every guy wants the perfect one. They seem to be everywhere with guys posting videos and pics for bragging rights all over the social media sites. Some are lucky enough to have one – but what exactly is a man cave?  Let’s look at a some cool man caves we’ve seen…

A man cave is something that marks a guy’s space, a place for them to relax. A certain area within the home adapted for them to do what they want and to decorate as they please. The ultimate project of self-expression, we take a look at some of the biggest and best man caves on we’ve found to date. Feel inspired below.

Die Hard Texans Fan

Texans Fan Man Cave

With enough seats for 50 people to watch football, this man cave is the best place for any Texans fan.  This guy has gone to some serious expense to not only create his dream man cave,  but have alot of room for his buddies too.  Remember rule 3 of any man cave “MY TEAM WINS!” Also you don’t really need to goto this extreme to build your perfect space.


Mechanical Dream

Garage Man CaveMany garages can be made into a man cave. We love this one in particular because you can still tell what it was.  

Although, we were intrigued as to where the big door on the left leads to? The house, outside or maybe the e’hem, throne?  Plenty of room for dancing in there, if that’s your’re thing but where does the man of this cave sit?  In that single bar stool?  Pooch sure seems pretty happy either way!


Game on!

Awesome Man Cave Gaming Room

A team favourite of ours at ToysToMen, with just about every console you can imagine, this man cave is the ultimate hideout for guys who game. Imagine the amount of time that could be spent reliving some of the best games there are.

That has to be some wicked multi-port hookup he has there for all those consoles – Who wants to bet the console switcher has it’s own remote too.

We personally love Spyro.

Check out the full video below:  Nice work buddy, nice.

Why are they needed?

When the man cave started to become popular, it was a space for men to have to themselves and decorate how they pleased without the interruption of their partner. Many people find that when they share a home they have to compromise on decoration. Not in the man cave!

If a guy wants to create his very own TARDIS then he can. A cinema? No problem. A pool table? Go for it. The man cave is a space for men to unleash their creativity, pursue their hobbies and relax with their friends.

What goes in one?

When we said that anything at all can go in a man cave, we were not joking. With that in mind there are many basics within each space. Planning to have books, comics or paper? Shelving. Sitting for a long time? A comfortable gaming chair or a sofa. If it can double into a bed then even better! After all, no Sunday would be complete without a small nap. Most importantly your man cave is whatever you want – it is a space for you to be you, not the family man or the working guy. Just you.

Would you have a man cave? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones to already have one? We want to hear from you. Join the conversation on our social media!

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