Riviera RC Pocket Quadcopter
Perform back flips and barrel rolls thanks to the unique features of this quadcopter. This compact flyer offers 3 flight modes to help you find the level that is right for you and utilizes 6-axis stabilization for smooth movements. Compact size enables lift off from a small platform - even your thumb. Can perform turning cycles, figure eights and banked turns for fascinating flight. Plastic construction allows indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use on calm days only. Beginner, advanced and expert flight modes accommodate the pilot's skill level. Sophisticated circuitry, piezoelectric gyros and accelerometers deliver great in-air stability. 6-axis stabilization lets you toss the quadcopter in the air and throttle up at the same time. Riviera RC Pocket Quadcopter is one of many Drones available through Office Depot. Made by Riviera RC.
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