The Top Xbox Game Titles Of 2011


The current Xbox console, the 360, continues to offer all sorts of wonderful games across all genres each and every year. In 2011 there are plenty of titles that are highly anticipated, many of which are sequels to previously successful games over the last few years. If you are wondering where you should invest your gaming budget, this brief list of the top Xbox game titles of 2011 may prove useful.

A couple of years ago the superhero genre was gifted one of, if not the, best releases ever on any console in the shape of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Its sequel, Arkham City is set to take the genre even further, offering a much larger playing area, more playable characters, and several more villains seen in the Batman comic series. For anyone interested in superheroes, comics, action, and adventure, Arkham City is most certainly set to become one of the most popular video games in recent years.

One of the most popular franchise offerings on the 360 is Gears of War, and 2011 is set to bring the third iteration in the series. Gears of War 3 is a third-person action shooter, exclusive to the 360, that expands on the world created in the previous 2 stories, providing players with a deeper story and more history for the characters, the enemies, and the world that all battle to occupy.

Another 3rd entry into a popular series is Mass Effect 3. This is set to be the final act within the Mass Effect sci-fi universe following from the 2nd game that was widely acclaimed and which was awarded with a number of high profile ‘Game of the Year’ awards from critics and ardent fans alike. Fans of the previous games are unlikely to be disappointed, nor will those new to the RPG action genre.

Rage is an upcoming action first-person shooter, taking its timing in the period centering around the events that take place after a meteor strikes Earth in a post-apocalyptic world. Those interested in the FPS genre may want to take a look at this title upon release.

Another FPS that may garner interest from fans of the genre is Bulletstorm. The game is centered around revenge, with a former commando being banished to a faraway galaxy needing to fight his way back home to exact revenge on those who banished him in the first place. A unique addition to this title is that of a reward system based upon a players ability to incite mayhem, something that will really appeal to those who enjoy creating havoc and destruction.

Another sequel is Dead Space 2, a title set in space involving a fight for survival against an unknown band of bloodthirsty zombies. As a third-person shooter, it should appeal to fans of similar titles like Gears of War.

These are just a few of the top Xbox game titles for the 360 in 2011. With so much variety to offer there is plenty for fans of all genres to choose from, whether you are interested in action, adventure, RPG’s or anything else.

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