PS3 Vs Xbox Vs Wii – Which Is Best For You And Your Family


There are so many different types of systems for gaming available today, deciding which one is best for your needs can be complicated. This is where the question “PS3 vs Xbox vs Wii – Which is best?” comes into play. Each of these has more options than earlier gaming systems.

A great PS3 advantage is that the designers have added in high definition as well as Blue Ray. This technology is not available with the Wii or Xbox yet. What this means is that if you choose PS3 you have the option of playing games and DVDs in Blue Ray/high definition formats on the system itself.

Xbox has this networking option, but will charge for an upgrade to the wireless, whereas Wii includes it in the purchase price. Wii systems are great fun for the entire family and give you a bit of a workout during game play, thanks to the motion-sensor technology of the controllers. The visuals for games are really nice but graphics on the console and PS3 are far superior.

If you play games all of the time, then the PS3 or the console would be a great purchase for you rather than the Wii system. The graphics and sounds are more intense and the capabilities of their hardware far outweigh those of the Wii. The PS3 even has controllers that work with the motion sensor and built-in Wi-Fi hookup also.

If you love playing friends online, the console gives you this opportunity and the ability to stream movies or download new games, but you will have to pay a membership fee for this option each year. The PS3 however gives you online game play, streaming movies and downloads for free. The Wii does not have that many downloads and online gaming options available yet.

Games of all types are available in vast selections for the Wii and the PS3. Xbox games are becoming more available in a variety of choices as well. The cost of a PS3 system is much higher than that of the Wii or the console. You will need to think of all the additional features that are included with it. You get a hard drive that is standard, networking that is wireless and Wi-Fi capable and a Blue Ray and high definition drive with Bluetooth capabilities as well.

If you choose the premium-priced PS3, added features will include the option of using your gaming system as a personal computer with just two additions of a keyboard and a mouse that are USB compatible. It is capable of browsing the Internet. These systems also have upgraded card memory readers which can be used with Flash and SD cards. Xbox has a system which offers high definition and comes with controllers that are wireless. This model is only available in a few select markets right now.

The answer to the question “PS3 vs Xbox vs Wii – Which is best?” really depends on what you and your family want from a game system. Younger kids and teenagers, as well as many adults, love the Wii because of the many Nintendo games which are available, as well as the option of using the older Nintendo Game Cube games on the Wii too. The Xbox and PS3 are more for heavier gamers and online battles with friends as well as to interact with them online during game play.

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