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World Tech Gigabot Disc Shooting RC Robot
Be in control your own World Tech GigaBot disc shooting RC robot! This robot can move forward, spin and shoot foam discs out of its mouth at the push of a button from your controller! There are also s...
Brand: World TechMerchant: Boscov's
World Tech Remote Control Robot Jr. Car , Yellow
The World Tech Remote Control Robot Jr. car mutates from a robot to a race car in just seconds! This features a wireless radio control and super grip tires for smooth surfaces. Plastic. WARNING: CHOKI...
Brand: World TechMerchant: Boscov's
Remote Control Cyber Boxing Robots
Play head-to-head for hours of interactive fun! Full-motion arms performs hooks and power jabs. Robot head ejects when chest plate is punched. Includes dual remote controls for wireless boxing. Nested...
Brand: The Black SeriesMerchant: Boscov's
Mobo Total Tot - Ivory , Ivory
The Mobo (R) Total Tot is designed first to be pushed by an adult and second to be ridden by your child. It has all the great features of the Mobo (R) Tot, and includes a seat belt and adjustable push...
Brand: MoboMerchant: Boscov's

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