Never Dead - Pre-owned - Playstation 3
More than five hundred years ago, a man and his wife stood up against the vicious Demon King and challenged the immortal evil. They lost their fight, and he lost the love of his life and was rendered immortal. Now, Bryce Boltzmann works for the National Anti-Demon Agency (NADA) , which operates under the guise of The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH) . Arcadia, a young university graduate, has been hired to work for the ASH - or so she thinks. Now, Bryce and Arcadia must work together to extinguish demonic forces in the modern-day world before it's too late. Step into the shoes of Bryce Boltzmann in Never Dead as you seek redemption against the demonic forces that took your wife from you. Immerse yourself in the tragic storyline and gameplay as you work to quell demon forces growing stronger. Experience the unique third-person gameplay that features an exciting decapitation and regeneration mechanic, allowing you to detach your arm and throw it at your enemy as an exploding detonation device. Make use of your immortality to decimate your enemies in critical situations, from electrocuting yourself and firing electric bullets to catching on fire and becoming a light source and more. When you purchase Never Dead from Best Buy, you'll receive access to two exclusive powerups - Seduction and Quick Reload - to aid you and your team in battle. Take out villains by taking out the world around you with destructible environments that let you destroy entire buildings or use pillars, floors and walls to dominate your enemies. Eliminate the dark forces that are responsible for your immorality.
UPC: 799007824183
Merchant: Best Buy
Brand: Konami


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