EZ-Robot JD Humanoid Revolution Robot Kit
Build a fully functional robot and unleash your creativity! Customizable humanoid robot platform with legs and gripper arms EZ-bits clip together easily to build your robot-no tools necessary! Heavy-duty servo motors bring unique, dynamic movements to your robot Built-in camera offers a unique view of the world and provides vision tracking (faces, objects, colors and more) Speech recognition lets your robot respond to vocal commands App-controlled with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (ad-hoc/infrastructure/WEP/WPA/WPA2) Download free RobotApps from the EZ-Cloud (iOS and Android compatible) or create your own EZ-Builder software lets you easily create animations and customize robot movements 200MHz 32-bit total processing (120MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor 80MHz microchip PIC32) Energy efficient digital switching power supply Resettable fuse protection and reverse polarity protection Assembled dimensions: 9.02w x 5.98l x 12.52h; weighs 2.92 lbs For ages 14 and up JD is YOUR Humanoid. JD is a fully functional humanoid robot that can walk, dance, play the piano and more. JD is also a very versatile robot that can be easily customized however you want with EZ-bits. The EZ-bits simply yet securely clip together (and can be easily separated by sliding them apart) , and multiple EZ-bits can be connected together to make arms, legs, or anything else you dream up! Teach your robot to do just about anything. With the EZ-Builder software, you can teach your humanoid robot to do all sorts of things like dance, climb stairs, or pick things up. JD is able to respond to speech/sound cues and, in addition to giving you a new perspective on the world, the built-in camera also features advanced vision learning, detection and tracking abilities, allowing your robot to interact with objects, colors, faces, motions and more! Heavy-duty servo motors make it all possible. JD includes a variety of servo motors that allow your robot to function. These durable, digital motors rotate 180 and ... more
UPC: 890080001031
Merchant: Brookstone

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