Nintendo Wii Vs Sony Playstation Move Vs Xbox Kinect


When it comes to Nintendo Wii vs Sony Playstation Move vs Xbox Kinect, many consumers across the globe have eagerly hit the stores as soon as they became available. At the same time, not everyone is quite sure about what they can expect in regard to what each one offers or how they might compare gaming-wise.

Being the first of its class with motion gaming, the Wii system features easy-to-use controllers that simply plug into the system itself and syncs. Many people find that it is easy enough to use for people of all ages. It features games that meet the wants of many. The types of games that can often be found for the system itself include anything from dance-related games to sports, action, adventure, shooting and so forth, giving individuals and groups alike plenty to choose from.

The Wii system also boasts different controllers to add further appeal to their games such as steering wheels for racing games as well as sports-related controller bundles. Overall, many people enjoy the fact that they can play on their own, or even opt to play with multiple-players scenarios for certain games that may allow for it. Some people may even base parties around this alone, allowing for a fun-filled night of constant entertainment.

The Playstation Move came out sometime after the Wii. As with Nintendo’s version, the Move features hand-held controllers that sync to the system itself, allowing for a motion-controlled gaming experience. Many who are after a more realistic experience, visually, often find the Move more preferable than the cartoon-like animation that Nintendo games are generally based around.

As with all motion systems, the Move works off of a motion-detecting camera. It features a wand-like controller that boasts an accelerometer, a magnetic sensor and a gyroscope. The magnetic sensor almost works similar to a compass, which works off the Earth’s magnetic field in order to determine where the player is. It also features accessories such as a wand-like navigation controller. Many unrelated companies are starting to offer accessories to enhance one’s gaming experience further, such as shooting or sword attachments.

The Kinect made its debut shortly after the Move, shocking consumers by adding a new flare to the world of motion gaming. Rather than players having to use handheld wands or remotes, they are given the chance to be the controller. Naturally, this opened up whole a new world of potential, particularly for those who were looking to be more involved with their gaming, whether if it involved dancing, sword fighting, boxing, jumping, or even archery.

Aside from allowing its players to use their own bodies for a more physically active experience, the Kinect also features a voice-recognition and wave gestures in order to control the system itself, since there are no remotes to do so. Although each system tends to allow for great exercise, many find that the Kinect offers more physical activity and fun exercise, especially when it comes to all the jumping, thrashing and other antics that its games tend to provide.

Overall, when it comes to the Nintendo Wii vs Sony Playstation Move vs Xbox Kinect, a player’s preference can typically be the deciding factor when determining what might be the best system. Each system, however, can often appeal to a wide variety of audiences, both young and old alike, including those who may otherwise find gaming in general to be less than appealing.

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